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Posing To Reduce The Double Chin

Here’s a video tutorial for a really quick and easy trick to reducing and dare I say, eliminating the double chin when posing for photographs. Every client will hear me remind them ad nauseam throughout their photo shoot. It’s a great idea to practice in the mirror until you get the hang of what it feels like when it looks right, then you can use it every time you’re in front of the camera.

The Faceplants

This was my second shoot with The Faceplants and this time we had body paint and $1000 worth of fake plants. We created this set in-studio and it was based off the band’s concept to coincide with their single release (now available on iTunes) “WHY”

You can see the behind-the-scenes in the video below.




Location Scouting

location scout title-b

Location scouting is a really important step in photo shoot planning. The environment you are photographed in plays a huge role in the aesthetic direction of your images. Deciding on indoor vs outdoor is a good starting point and below are some considerations as you’re looking for a backdrop for your shoot.

Locations can change unexpectedly and can look different depending on the time of day and weather. To get the most accurate evaluation of a potential location, try to check it out at around the same time of day your photo shoot is scheduled. The season, day of the week and public access are also things to consider. For example, if you choose a place that tourists often visit, keep in mind ideal dates and times to book around potential issues.

When scouting interiors, note where the windows are and how much available/natural light there is. Look for outlets to power lighting equipment.

ask yourself

-What environment will suit your project/vision best. Take a look at locations that are more likely to be a good fit aesthetically.

-Are you willing to pay to use a unique location where the property owner or city may require compensation to grant access?

-Do you have access to unique spaces or places that others wouldn’t?

simple layout-locations

Things to Look For

-Multiple backgrounds in a single area or within a close radius (preferably walkable)

-Open unobstructed spaces such as big open warehouse, epic viewpoint of mountains/city, a field, by the water.

-Interesting textures, colours and patterns.

-Shade- This is important especially for a midday session when the sun is high and the light is harsh.

-posing aids such as stairs, chairs, walls, interesting objects you can interact with.

open spaces

take pictures

This may be an obvious note, but be sure to take photos from many angles to give the best sense of the area.
Take a 360 spin from the centre, get closer up shots of details like wall textures or objects that may be of interest during the shoot.

Have fun! You get to explore and find a space that will help tell your story, further your brands image, or at the very least, take a tour of your city.

Dino Archie- Choosy Lover

The past couple weeks in Vancouver the Northwest Comedy Fest hosted an array of amazing comedy shows and brought through so many incredible comedians. I dove right into the festivities and checked out a ton of performances, still thinking about Moshe Kasher’s insane crowd work and John Mulaney’s hilarious prank on two audience members who left momentarily during his show. So good.

To cap off a delightful couple of weeks, it seems fitting to share a project I had the pleasure of being part of recently. Dino Archie is a comedian I believe is going to rise to the top in no time. Before getting involved with his debut comedy album, I had seen him perform a number of times around town and was always blown away- every single time. If you have the opportunity to catch him live, just do yourself the favour and check it out.

I shot the cover of ‘Choosy Lover’ and filmed some behind-the-scenes for a video I made showing the making-of the album. It was recorded over 3 nights/5 shows at the Comedy Mix. Hope you check it out, and download the album over on his website www.dinoarchie.com

dino archie cover

Megan Bourne

Meg Title

I’ve been lucky enough to know the very lovely, Megan Bourne, for many many years now. She is a rad photographer in her own right, but I stole her for a few hours in front of the camera. We had such a fun time and I had the opportunity to play around with some ideas I’d been dreaming up for some time, while testing out a new backdrop. I also took a little footage and put together a teaser video you can watch below. There were so many gorgeous shots, it was hard to choose a few to share. Enjoy!






Thank you!

To all my amazing clients and friends alike who have graced my camera lens this past year, I thank you sincerely.

Not everyone is pictured here, but I’m grateful to each and everyone all the same. I’m so looking forward to what we’ll create together in 2015 and beyond.

Happy holidays and big love.



Squamish Fest- Georgia Straight Cover

Behind the scenes of the cover shoot for this week’s Georgia Straight. Featured are local musicians playing the upcoming Squamish Festival, Louise Burns, Sleepy Tom, My Gay Husband, Cityreal, and Rykka.

Check out the feature in print or online HERE.

Thanks as always to the Georgia Straight for the fun gig. Big thanks for Vicky Canning for the behind the scenes photos and to Brock McFarlane who often takes time to assist me on shoots when his real job is mastering music. Appreciation to everyone for making this come together so seamlessly.






Jim Byrnes

There is something magical about being in the presence of a true storyteller. Someone who makes you want to stop everything you’re doing, pull up a chair and take in every word. While I couldn’t stop the photo shoot with Jim Byrnes altogether, I also couldn’t help myself from putting the camera down from time to time either.

Not only did I have the honour of taking portraits of this legendary blues musician, I was simultaneously gifted a solo concert, alone in my studio. I photographed him as he played and observed how seamlessly he and his guitar worked together, as if they were one. After he played and the room fell silent, I didn’t know how to respond beyond picking my jaw up off the floor. I don’t even remember what I did, I may have clapped, or said “wow” I know that whatever it was, couldn’t have done his performance any justice.

His new album is available on Black Hen Music.

jim-byrnes-playing-guitar-leigh-righton-photo jim-byrnes-portrait-leigh-righton-photo

Marc Maron Portrait wins Applied Arts Award

How cool to find out that an image from my personal project, a photo series documenting comedian Marc Maron, has won a photography award in the 2014 Applied Arts annual photography competition.

I’m so grateful to Maron for letting me creep around him every so often with a camera, and for trusting me to capture him in even his quieter moments.



Earlier this year Sad Mag approached me to contribute to their (latest) issue “The Transplant Issue” featuring the extremely talented and oh-so charming rapper, Shad.  He also happens to be a noteworthy winner of a Juno Award and a Polaris Prize nominee, and turns out- far humbler then I would be with these feathers in the cap.

Unfortunately for Shad, I was battling a flu when we came together to do our shoot. So while I was trying to refrain from getting sick and generally keeping myself from spontaneously collapsing, I was also trying to connect with someone who I respected. Oh, AND work with a film camera I borrowed specifically for this shoot, that was very difficult (and slow) to focus (Sad Mag in print is film only, AMAZING)  Despite it all, Shad was a complete delight, it’s hard not to smile when you’re around him.. even when you’re sick.

Below are a few that didn’t end up in the issue, and below below is a snap of one of the pages from the issue. Go pick up a copy, it’s pretty and a great read.