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Earlier this year Sad Mag approached me to contribute to their (latest) issue “The Transplant Issue” featuring the extremely talented and oh-so charming rapper, Shad.  He also happens to be a noteworthy winner of a Juno Award and a Polaris Prize nominee, and turns out- far humbler then I would be with these feathers in the cap.

Unfortunately for Shad, I was battling a flu when we came together to do our shoot. So while I was trying to refrain from getting sick and generally keeping myself from spontaneously collapsing, I was also trying to connect with someone who I respected. Oh, AND work with a film camera I borrowed specifically for this shoot, that was very difficult (and slow) to focus (Sad Mag in print is film only, AMAZING)  Despite it all, Shad was a complete delight, it’s hard not to smile when you’re around him.. even when you’re sick.

Below are a few that didn’t end up in the issue, and below below is a snap of one of the pages from the issue. Go pick up a copy, it’s pretty and a great read.


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