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Dino Archie- Choosy Lover

The past couple weeks in Vancouver the Northwest Comedy Fest hosted an array of amazing comedy shows and brought through so many incredible comedians. I dove right into the festivities and checked out a ton of performances, still thinking about Moshe Kasher’s insane crowd work and John Mulaney’s hilarious prank on two audience members who left momentarily during his show. So good.

To cap off a delightful couple of weeks, it seems fitting to share a project I had the pleasure of being part of recently. Dino Archie is a comedian I believe is going to rise to the top in no time. Before getting involved with his debut comedy album, I had seen him perform a number of times around town and was always blown away- every single time. If you have the opportunity to catch him live, just do yourself the favour and check it out.

I shot the cover of ‘Choosy Lover’ and filmed some behind-the-scenes for a video I made showing the making-of the album. It was recorded over 3 nights/5 shows at the Comedy Mix. Hope you check it out, and download the album over on his website www.dinoarchie.com

dino archie cover