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5 Tips To Look Great In Photos

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The holiday season usually means the cameras come out as we document our festivities with friends and family. Inevitably someone with minimal photography skills will be in charge of capturing you. To avoid disappointment, I’ve put together a few tips to help before you jump in front of the lens.

1) Look for soft diffused light whenever possible.
If you have the option, it’s worth it to take a few steps over to a window for natural light rather then using flash or standing under bright artificial light, this can cast unflattering shadows. Whatever light source you have available, turn your face toward it.

2) Know your angles.
It will only take a quick look in the mirror to get the idea of what angles are most flattering for you. General rule of thumb, turn on a 45 degree angle from the camera and put your weight on your back foot.

3) Define your jawline – Reduce a double chin.
When you’re facing the camera push your chin forward and tip your forehead down slightly.

4) Flatter your arms.
Hold your arms away from your body so they don’t flatten against your body.

5) Group Shots – Keep heads level.
The person closest to the camera will appear bigger. You’ve probably noticed it in a selfie when there’s two or more people, one person’s head looks much larger and you have a good laugh. Try to keep your faces equal distance from the camera.


Featured Portrait
Model- Alyssa Baker
Makeup/Hair- Atefeh Shojaie
Photo- Leigh Righton Photography
Hand drawn arrows- Think Design